Here are three things to do before making your final decision.

Most students will, at some point, doubt their choices in regard to education. If the doubt remains, however, you should take it seriously. Try pinpointing where your doubt originates from.

Is the doubt for instance due to:

  • Your studies being too academically challenging?
  • Your interests lying elsewhere?
  • Personal problems that remove your focus from your studies?
  • You having a hard time getting comfortable socially?

Consider your options, when it comes to choosing a different study programme:

  • Can you apply for credit transfer for any of your courses?
  • What does your economic situation look like – how many portions are left of your State Education Grants?
  • Making a list of pro’s and con’s for staying or changing direction might prove helpful.

Student counsellors at your place of study can answer many of the questions and doubts you might have. At Student Counselling Service, we also have vast experience guiding students who need clarification in relation to their studies. Book a consultation here.

How can we help?

We take your doubts seriously and we are ready to listen to your thoughts. In our individual counseling, we help you find out what is the basis for the doubt and how you can best move forward.