Student Counseling Service offers free counseling and short-term therapy to students in higher education. In addition, we offer Special Pedagogical Support (SPS) to students with physical or psychological functional impairments who are enrolled at CBS, DTU, ITU and KU, as well as upskilling of support teachers for students with physical or psychological functional impairments.

When you seek help at Student Counselling Service, you therefore accept that we process your personal data with reference to the data policy indicated below.



The legal basis for our processing of your personal data follows from:

  • Article 6(1) of the General Personal Data Regulation, under letter a on consent, letter b on contract, letter c on legal obligations, and letter e on the performance of a task carried out in the public interest.
  • Article 9(2) of the General Personal Data Regulation, under letter a on consent, letter g on substantial public interest, and letter f on the fact that legal claims can be determined.

SRG's legal obligation follows from:

  • Ministerial Order on duty of licensed psychologists to retain orderly records, Ministerial Order No. 567 of 19/05/2017
  • Finance Act section 19.35.24
  • Act on Special Pedagogical Support in higher education (SPS Act), Consolidation Act No. 1507 of 7 December 2022
  • Ministerial Order on Special Pedagogical Support in higher education, Ministerial Order No. 1005 of 23 June 2022

We process the following categories of personal data about you:

  • General information, for example name and contact information
  • Sensitive/special information, cf. Article 9(1) of the General Data Protection Regulation, for example about health, religious or philosophical beliefs, sexual relations or orientation. SRG only processes sensitive information about you when you provide us with this information yourself.

In addition, we process your CPR number to identify you in our records system. We keep a journal of your counseling process in order partly to be able to give you the best possible help and partly to build up knowledge as an organization that enables us to qualify efforts that strengthen students' well-being in society.

In connection with our short-term offer with individual conversations, we use Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT). The purpose is to adapt the advice to you, so that you get the best possible help. It is an evidence-based dialogue and evaluation tool developed for professional counselors. FIT consists of two simple schemes with a focus on effect and cooperation. Every time you appear for an appointment in the Student Counselling, you fill in the forms and have a dialogue about this with your counselor. In addition to adapting the counselling to you, the counselor uses the feedback to develop their practice.

Employees at SRG have a duty of confidentiality. We are not going to share your information with anyone, except if you have given us your written consent or or you have consented. For instance, this could mean a consent that allows your parents, siblings, partner or any other contact person to call and receive information about your course of treatment, or in case your record should be forwarded to your doctor.

SRG is legally obliged to pass on information to the following institutions: The Danish National Archives in connection with the periodic delivery of archives with records, cases etc., municipalities in connection with a notification, the police in connection with a student who may be a danger to themselves or others.

If you receive SPS, every year in May and November, SRG will apply to the National Agency for Education and Quality for your grant to continue for the following semester. The application contains your contact details and information about the reason why you are receiving SPS support.


SRG does not transfer your personal data to third countries.

Your personal data comes from you when you register with us in connection with one of our offers or information that you give us in connection with your course. SRG does not collect personal data about you.

When concluding your course at Student Counselling Service, your data will be deleted according to the rules on storing of records, as stated in the Act on Medical Record-Keeping article 15. This means that we are obligated to keep your record for five years if you have had sessions with one of our psychologists. If you have had sessions with one of our social workers, you can choose to have your data anonymised immediately after concluding your sessions.If you do not make use of this, we keep your data for five years, after which they will be deleted.

Regardless, after your course of treatment, your FIT-data will be pseudonymised and only used as follow-up data for research and as documentation on the effect of FIT as method.

If you have received SPS-counselling (special pedagogical support), we are obligated to keep your data for the remainder of the contract, due to contractual commitments to the National Agency for Education and Quality.

You have the right to gain insights into which personal information about you that we process, with what purposes we process the information, and whether we disclose personal information to others.

You have the right to rectify incorrect personal information about you.

In some cases, you have the right to have certain personal information about you erased.

In some cases, you have the right to limited processing of your personal information, meaning that we only keep your data in a given period.

You have the right to so-called data portability of your personal information, insofar as it concerns the personal data we have collected based on your consent.

In some cases, you have the right to take exception to our processing of your personal information based on reasons and circumstances related to your specific situation.

As part of the counselling, it is possible that you will be asked during your couse whether you want to give consent for your counselor to video or audio record one or more of your conversations. We use this to develop our counselling practice. It is voluntary whether you give consent. If you say yes, your counselor will subsequently use the recording to get feedback from the rest of the group of counselors in Student Counseling Service and possibly from an external supervisor. Both the counselling group and the supervisor are bound by confidentiality.

Insofar as we have obtained your consent to partly process your data, you have the right to revoke your consent at any time, after which the personal data (which have been obtained based on your consent) will be deleted.

Contact us

If you wish to make use of the rights as described above, you must address .

We commit ourselves to doing everything in our power to meet your requests regarding our processing of your personal information. However, depending on the case’s complexity, some processing time is to be expected. Our goal is to start processing and handling incoming requests/cases within two months of receiving the written request.

You can also contact our independent data protection officer (DPO), Susanne Ketill Groth from DPO service, , phone: +45 93 51 14 65

If you wish to complain, this can be done by contacting The Danish Data Protection Agency.