Workshops for educators can help them to accommodate challenges and barriers that unfold among the students during the teaching, dealing with such challenges constructively with a knowledge of psychological mechanisms.

The teaching room is central to academic and social integration and the educators play an important role for the students. This applies to both the students’ decoding of what it takes to be ‘a good’ student – and, hence, for their participation in the teaching – and for the influence on how the students are a part of academic communities. Regardless of whether the students have a large network in the courses or not, the educators are consistent and can therefore play a role for all types of students.

We work with the educators about how the organisation of their teaching and the educator’s role can be a part of creating a better framework for healthy study communities.


Content in educator workshops

  • Knowledge about social-psychological dynamics amongst students and how they play out during the teaching
  • Support of security and commitment in the teaching – including framework and clarity as well as contact and teamwork between the students
  • The role and positioning of the educator
  • The implicit educator
  • Feedback



If you have any questions about the above or are interested in a tailormade solution for your education, please contact the following responsible advisor or department head.

Marie Linde Husby


Jesper Madsen