An institutional check-up is a workshop that grants management, educators, and students the possibility of listening to each other’s perspectives on, e.g., lack of student commitment, dissatisfaction, or a high dropout rate, which often contributes to a larger and more nuanced understanding of the challenges. At the same time, it is no longer a question of who causes the problems but rather a natural, joint responsibility to do something about it.

The workshop is recommended for educational institutions that wish to understand the well-being challenges inherent in completing an education and, thereby, be equipped to provide tools that support well-being.

As preparation, Student Counselling Service has, based on study environment surveys, drop-out statistics, meeting summaries, and other written material that the education and SRG find suitable, identified themes that the workshop must deal with. In addition, there is the opportunity to supplement with additional themes at the workshop.


Content in the institutional check-up

  • Four-hour workshop with the participation of an education manager, five educators, five students, and, optionally, a student advisor
  • Knowledge about how to make an effort at the education level to increase the well-being and create healthy performance environments for the students of the education
  • Coverage of initiatives to be pursued at the educational level
  • As a follow-up, SRG makes a description of the themes that emerged at the workshop as well as a recommendation for initiatives
  • Collective (telephone) meeting with the management representative about post-reflections

The study check is run by two psychologists from Student Counselling Service.



If you have any questions about the above or are interested in a tailormade solution for your education, please contact the department head.

Jesper Madsen