A flexible study community at Zoom

In the Study Zone, you are online at Zoom with other students who are also reading or writing. The counselor in the Study Zone creates structure through time management. This can help strengthen your workflow, making it easier to accomplish your study tasks, and perhaps even overcome some of the barriers you may encounter.

It is a non-binding and flexible offer for those who find it difficult to structure their studies from home. You will receive help in setting realistic goals for your work and you have the opportunity for dialogue with a counselor.



The Study Zone runs on Zoom – Tuesdays at 12.30-15.

The program typically looks like this:

  • Check-in

  • Goal setting

  • Study sessions: We have two rounds of study sessions, each lasting about 40 minutes, where everybody is studying. Between the study sessions, we take 15 minutes of screen-free breaks to give the brain the best possible working conditions.

  • Conclusion 

Join the group

Send an email to  stating that you want to join The Study Zone.

We need following information:

  • name
  • CPR-number (personal identification number), remember to send from an encrypted email – e.g. your student email – when providing your CPR-number.
  • name of your study
  • postal code
  • phone number

You will then receive a confirmation and a Zoom link to The Study Zone (it may take a few business days before you receive the link).

Please read about our processing of personal data here.


Meeting days


Tuesday, April 9th - at 12.30-15

Tuesday, April 16th - at 12.30-15

Tuesday, April 23rd - at 12.30-15

Tuesday, April 30th - at 12.30-15


 You are welcome to log in up to 10 minutes before, so we are ready to get started at 12.30. 

Tuesday, May 7th, at 12.30-15

Tuesday, May 14th, at 12.30-15 

Tuesday, May 21st, at 12.30-15

Tuesday, May 28h, at kl. 12.30-15

Tuesday, June 4th, at 12.30-15

Tuesday, June 11th, at 12.30-15 

Tuesday, June 18th, at 12.30-15 

Tuesday, June 25th, at 12.30-15

Meet us in the Study Zone

Frederik Chlander


Katrine Hansen


Katrine Steiniche


Nanna Villadsen