If you have experienced harassment or violent behavior in your studies, we can offer you confidential consultations and professional advise in our Safe Talk programme. All of our counsellors are bound by the duty of confidentiality.

It will take a maximum of two workdays from the time you first call us and until one of our counsellors will call you back. The first consultation will last about an hour. In the consultation our counsellor will assess, together with you, whether more consultations are needed.

In case you want to contact your educational institution about your experience, we can also help you with that. This could be if you have experienced something that it is important that the educational institution learns about or takes action on. In this regard, we can offer to be your bystander.

Offensive behavior can be difficult to describe in exact terms. If you have experienced bullying, intimidation, sexual harassment, sexual assaults, or if you are in doubt about what you have experienced, you can also call us.

You can contact us on +45 70 26 75 00 (between 9am-12pm) to book a telephone meeting. Please tell the secretary that you are calling about the Safe Talk programme.