Well-Being Project

It’s hard to predict how students will react to the reopening. There are currently more questions than answers. Will students return effortlessly to life as it was pre-COVID-19? Or will students find it hard to re-establish positive social connections? And will we see an increase in dropout rates when students who are struggling once again have the opportunity to travel abroad or go to folk high school?

Reopening is a new and difficult task, and there is no script. SRG thus recommends that higher education programs monitor and follow up on their students’ well-being.

SRG offers help to monitor and strengthen well-being

In partnership with the company Howdy, SRG has devised a preparedness tool that can monitor students’ well-being and directly follow up on any specific issues.

Every 14 days, it will be possible – based on a validated questionnaire template (WHO-5) – to follow the students’ well-being. The responses from the questionnaire are then automatically categorized. Green means that a student is thriving, while yellow means that a student is displaying some signs of dissatisfaction. Red means that a student, based on the questionnaire, must be assumed to be in great distress.

The framework for distributing and following up on the questionnaire is agreed in dialogue between SRG and the educational institute/course. For example, SRG offers:

  • Students in the red category are phoned by SRG to briefly follow up on their responses and, should the students wish it, to transform this contact into a relevant offer.
  • Students in the yellow category receive an email from SRG, in which they are introduced to a number of offers that may be beneficial to them.
  • The educational institutes/courses receive feedback relating to general challenges with well-being. Feedback is based on the results of the questionnaire and the subsequent dialogue with the students.


SRG has received extraordinary funding. During the period September/October 2021 until the end of the year, we thus have the opportunity to finance contact with up to 100,000 students and conduct 15,000 interviews.

Offers are made on a first-come, first-serve basis calculated from the point when a formal submission has been made confirming that an institution wishes to enter into a collaboration.

SRG and Howdy are happy to start a dialogue regarding future partnerships.



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