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Student Counselling Service has been launched to help students in further and higher educations, who are not thriving and who are at risk of being unduly delayed or dropping out of their studies entirely. Concurrently, it is of utmost important to Student Counselling Service to help prevent social and psychological issues amongst the students.

We do this, among other things, by supporting the different educations in their work with the study environment as well as the social and academic integration. Here, we can for instance contribute with skill development of the counselling staff and activities for students, including workshops and presentations on healthy study habits, stress and welfare.

You are always more than welcome to contact us, if you want further information or are interested in a collaboration.


Due to the Corona situation, it has unfortunately been necessary for us to cancel all of our events for the academic support teachers. If you have any questions on this matter or need information on the events, you are welcome to write to us at


Jesper Madsen

+45 21 89 69 35

  • For student counsellors

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    Pamphlets for the students

    All places of further education are able to order printed pamphlets. However, as we are currently awaiting new materials, orders are not possible at the moment.

    You can be downloaded and print out the pamphlets by clicking the links above.

  • Working with Student Counselling Service

    When collaborating with us, we will support and help students with their challenges to ensure a positive course of study for as many students as possible. At the same time we work to prevent some of the difficulties that may lead to the students not thriving, being delayed or dropping out.

    We know, from our individual counselling sessions, that we can make a world of difference to the students with rather little effort. Your role in the co-operation depends on which types of activities, you wish to partake in.

    At Student Counselling Service we concern ourselves with a wide variety of topics that might have a negative social or psychological impact on the students. We do, however, pay particular attention to these challenges:

    • Commencement of study and drop-out rates
    • Study effectivity
    • The difficult choices during studying
    • Thriving while studying

    There are two reasons that the challenges mentioned are particularly significant.

    1. Because the acceptance of students increases each year, the group of students that experiences challenges with the transition from upper secondary education to further education will likewise increase. Here it is important to support them and offer advice on how to study, learn and participate in social and academic communities. This will help prevent unnecessary extensions and drop-outs.
    2. When students are not thriving, it will negatively impact their studies and the possibility of completing their education. Satisfaction surveys made by higher educations state that more than half of the students experience stress every day and even more so when approaching exams. Loneliness and personal problems are likewise factors that may impact the students’ wellbeing and possibility of completing their studies.

    What does a collaboration entail?

    At Student Counselling Service we offer services directed at the students as well as the employees at the educational institution. A collaboration can thus consist of different initiatives, separately or combined:

    • Workshops about study related themes and challenges that the students may experience – such as commencement of study, exam periods and establishing of group work.
    • Competency work of counsellors and/or teachers in the form of supervision and academic presentations on study-related challenges, hereunder stress, perfectionism and exam anxiety.
    • Guest appearances in academic fora, where leaders and teachers for instance meet to discuss the educational environment, academic- and social integration, study environment and the like.
    • Information meetings about Student Counselling Service’s competences. You will learn more about us, and we will share knowledge of the difficulties that your students face, which we have gathered in our work with them.
    • Service check of your study environment, in which we collectively examine your study environment and how best to promote a healthy culture of studying, with greater academic and social integration as the objective.
    • Together, we will agree upon the duration of the contract for our collaboration, after which it can be renegotiated.

    An example of a competency development training course

    The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at University of Copenhagen is one of the educational institutions that Student Counselling Service has collaborated with. Here, we did a practice-oriented course of development, in which we took our point of departure in the academic counsellors’ own experiences. This included experiences of supervising each other in academic and collegial discussions, as well as supervision of each other’s student counsellors.

    As regards to the collaboration, Student Counselling Service has:

    • Taught supervision as a concept
    • Taught how supervision is implemented, including different methods and frameworks as well as which dilemmas and issues that may arise along the way
    • Worked on how to supervise the supervision
    • Developed methods for supervision, which considers the academic counsellors’ everyday lives

    Services free of charge or purchased

    Student Counselling Service offers services that are free of charge and services which require a payment.

    Services free of charge

    • A presentation, in which you learn more about us and our experiences with students studying at your institution.
    • This sort of presentation usually takes two hours. One or two of the counsellors from Student Counselling Service will arrive and offer insights into your educations specifically. The presentation will thus be customised your institution, and the counsellors will share their knowledge of the problems your students face, as well as the frames for a possible collaboration.

    Purchased services

    • Activities customised to your needs. Here we offer an official collaboration, in which we agree upon the activities relevant for you during the school year – both in terms of students and staff.
    • Our counsellors are available to you, at specific pre-arranged times, in connection with the agreed-upon activities. These may include:
      • Workshops
      • Customised initiatives for a specific professional environment
      • Presentations
      • Supervision
      • Educational courses for the staff (counsellors, teachers, mentors, student counsellors etc.)
      • Evaluation meetings regarding the collaboration

    Following the first collaboration meeting, we will prepare a general agreement where the academic content and economy for the specific activities are described.

    Our activities are priced at 911 DKK an hour.

    In the collaboration contract we specify the exact number of hours for each activity, providing you with a detailed directory of the services that we provide.


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