Bachelor project and master's thesis

If your progress with your bachelor project or master’s thesis has stalled and you do not know how to get back on track, it might be a good idea to seek help.

Some studies offer writing consultants or coaches, others offer seminars for writing and writing groups that can help you get a hang on the writing process. Alternatively, you can start your own writing group with fellow peers who are also doing a larger assignment.

At Student Counselling Service, we have composed a pamphlet on thesis projects.

Nervous about the exam?

Are you quite nervous about the exam, and does it bother you to the extent that you have difficulty studying?

Then you might benefit from participating in one of our exam groups or exam workshops. Here you will get help approaching the exam situation in a new and more constructive manner. See here for when we offer exam workshops and other workshops.

You can also read Student Counselling Service’s exam pamphlet. Unfortunately, our exam app is yet to be available in English.


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