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Do you want to study with others? Are you looking for a new study group or do you just want more people to study with besides the ones you already know? Then check this out!

Study groups

Study groups are important for a good student life - both in academic and social ways. However, finding the right group can be difficult.

If you don’t have a study group or if you feel like you are not currently in the right group, then you are not alone. Many students are in the same situation as you. Therefore, we offer to create study groups for all students who attend a higher SU-approved education.

We try to match you with other students based on your wishes for the group - e.g. whether you would like to meet physically or online. We create study groups of three to six students. As a special feature, we will match you with other students from various educations. In this way, the community in the group will be built on study habits and structure - and not on what you read or how far you are in your studies. Students who have already been matched in a group tell us that they have had a good experience.

Are you interested?

Then click here to register.

Make sure to read and accept our privacy policy before you register.

If you have questions, you can send us an email.

We try to match you as soon as possible. If we find a match, you will be invited to an online start-up meeting, which is facilitated by a counselor from The Student Counselling Service. Here you and the other students will meet each other and find out if you want to start a study group together.

We look forward to receive your registration!

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Kathrine Jastrup Brodersen


Nanna Villadsen


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