Open Stress Group

Do you experience challenges with stress in your study life? Do you experience symptoms of stress on body and mind? Then our Open Stress Group is the place where you can get help to consider your situation and have the opportunity to discover, what you can do differently.

Together with our psychologists and the rest of the group, and through exercises and sharing experiences, you will get the opportunity to gain new perspectives on your situation and on what might be helpful for you to ensure a better balance and prevent stress in everyday life.

The group is based on different themes related to stress and the daily challenges you and the other students bring to the group.

How do I join?

To register, send us an email in which you write the date you want to participate, your name, CPR number *, study, postal code and telephone number. We then make sure that you are registered and that you receive a confirmation of your registration. Please note that it is only the first time you attend, that we need to know if you are coming or not.

If you join the group on the day of the group session we need your registration no later than 10 am, so that you can be sent the meeting link in time.

The group takes place over zoom and we ask you to participate with both camera and microphone. The group is open, which means you can come exactly the number of times you want and need.

* When you pass on your CPR number, it is safest to use an encrypted email such as your study email.

** Before you sign up, you must find out how we process your personally sensitive information.

When do we meet?

New dates coming soon!


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